Friday, February 10, 2012


George Orwell once said 'happiness can only exist in acceptance'.
Well he could be right! A big shout going out to Daz at one of my favorite gritty  hangouts - Near to the Knuckle. My flash Story 'Reno' has been accepted for publication and should appear at N To The K  in a few days. Dig deep into your scared money and lay your bets. There's only winners and losers, so don't get caught on the wrong side of that line.

Some comments about Reno posted at Near to the Knuckle.

Graham says:
Great sense of place and a cracking last sentence.

Rob says:
Kind of a nice fatalism to this one. The house always wins, I guess. Good stuff

Luca says:
Loved the last line. Great story.

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  1. Great story Chris. Respect to you buddy. It's up and live today my friendQ!


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