Friday, November 2, 2012

Afflicted by Noir?

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you have an interest in Noir, if not then you’re probably a Latvian porn spammer. Either way, you should really check out Ryan Sayles and his Noir Affliction interviews over at Out of the Gutter online.
I know what you’re thinking; who’s the hell is this Ryan Sayles dude anyway. Well, I like to think of him as the Oprah of Noir, only he has better legs and does a lot less coke.

Ryan brings something new, disturbing and kind of wonderful to the art of the interview and his ongoing autopsy of the Noir genre is required reading for me. Recent weeks have seen him on the run with Tom Pitts and a trunk full of dead hookers, peeling off stripper singles with Brian Panowich, and this week he’s in the sauna with Eric Beetner.
Look I can’t explain it; this is just something you have to see for yourself.
OOTG - The Noir Affliction


  1. I want to be on you. I came to your blog to find links to your stuff to read your stuff so I'll have something to talk about during your NA interview and I see this. I say again: I want to be on you.

    1. Hey man, don't joke even about that. The NA interview is the pinnacle of a Noir writer’s career. It’s like being accepted into the hard-boiled hall of fame or maybe getting change from a ten spot when you only gave the cashier a Lincoln. I mean that kind of shit only ever happens to other people.

  2. I joke about having sex with dead animals, but never interviews. Never. What's your email?

  3. Cool, hit me up at
    Wait until I tell my therapist, she tried to convince me you were a figment of my imagination, but I knew man, I knew.


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