Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fiction For Your Face

Here is the second in my ongoing series of posts featuring pictures of Brian Panowich’s hand.

This one was taken yesterday at the Augusta Book Exchange where Brian used that very same hand to sign copies of Zelmer Pulp’s first two releases, C’MON DO THE APOCOLYPSE  and HEY, THAT ROBOT ATE MY BABY. He also used it to scratch himself a lot, so if you shook it I recommend plenty of hot water and carbolic soap.
For news and information on future events featuring the Zelmer crew you can now visit the all new Zelmer Pulp website at  This wonderful web portal will host a variety of entertaining and informative articles about seasonal vegetables and South American rustic  pottery. It will also be the place to go for all the news on future Zelmer releases, guest contributors and other exciting and potentially illegal projects involving Emus. So bookmark it and visit often.

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