Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Demonic Visions

Just a quick heads up for any horror fans out there. I’m delighted to say that DEMONIC VISIONS BOOK 2 is out now for the Kindle and will be available in print before the holidays. Editor, Chris Robertson has assembled a high quality group of both new and established horror writers and this has been reflected by the excellent sales of BOOK ONE, which incidentally is also available for your reading pleasure.

I’m stoked to be back for a second go around with a brand new story, “Loose Ends.” This time out I tried to work the psychological horror as much as the visual. Steve Wenta will once again be haunting your dreams with his awesome cover art. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the odd story in there that will haunt you a little too. I'm currently working on a longer horror piece for Zelmer Pulp. I'm not sure exactly when that one will be out, but I guess sometime early in the new year. In the meantime why not treat yourself to one or both of the Demonic Visions Books?  Go on, you deserve it.  

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