Monday, March 17, 2014

Demonic Visions Book 3

The third volume in the DEMONIC VISIONS series, edited by Chris Robertson is here. This edition includes 49 tales the macabre from some fine horror writers and another one from some hack called Chris Leek.
There is no doubt that I always feel a little out of my comfort zone writing in this genre, but I figure a good horror story should make you feel uncomfortable. My contribution to this edition is, WET WORK. It’s the story of man fighting his demons, both real and imagined. I tend to write psychological horror, rather than all out splatter and gore, although having said that there is some face melting involved in this one.  

The E-book of DEMONIC VISIONS BOOK 3 is out right now and a dead tree edition will be available in the next few days. If horror is your bag, check it out.

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