Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hick Lit?

Some of my favourite books have been given this rather unflattering tag. I'm constantly amazed by the debates that rage over which genre a work must have slapped upon it. This occupation seems to be largely the preserve of those who lean towards more literary things (is literary also a genre - discuss). Once they have a book hogtied and branded with 'crime' or 'noir', they are then free to ignore it and can feel superior about having done so.

Keith Rawson has written an excellent article over at Lit Reactor for those who are yet to hitch-hike along the rutted gravel roads of some exceptional writing.
It's more than just meth labs and single wides: A rural noir primer; takes a look at some of the writers plying their trade in the backwoods hollers and hill country shacks of rural America.
Three of my all time favourite authors: Daniel Woodrell, Cormac McCarthy and Donald Ray Pollock, have works discussed, along with many notable others. Stand up guys like Frank Bill and Matthew McBride also get honourable mentions.

Country crime, redneck grit or southern gothic; I don't care what its called, but make sure you don't miss out on some damn fine stuff, just because someone else has stuck it with the label.

You can read Keith's article here: It's more than just meth labs and single wides


  1. Like to think of myself as a purveyor of English Hick Lit, but we'd have to come up with an English equivalent. Great Blog though! Got it bookmarked :)

    1. Hi Gareth, thanks for stopping by. I guess we could call it Brit Hick Lit, but then again pehaps not :-)


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