Thursday, June 28, 2012

Six Shooter

You may not have seen much in the way of wordsmithing from me recently (assuming anyone was looking), but that doesn’t mean I've been sat on my backside drinking beer and watching sports, well not all the time anyway.
In fact I've got a foaming six pack of stories that will be cracking open this summer. They're an eclectic bunch, some happy, some sad and some downright dangerous to know.

First of all much Kudos is due to Chris Rhatigan for his excellent site, All Due Respect. I'm honored to say that my story Ties that Bind will be featured in Issue #32, which is due out in August

The first of two blasts of white hot flash fiction comes to you from the kings of the short stuff, Shotgun Honey. Those first class guys have my story Drinks at Romero's locked and loaded.
Now online

The second number comes in the form of A Red Headed Woman. This ballad of badness will grace the hallowed pages of flash fiction now hosted at Out of the Gutter. Big thanks to Joe Clifford for wading through my goat-fuck-formatting.
Now online

The July edition of of Hobo Camp Review contains my short story about a Texas drifter who finds his anchor in Spare Parts. This one is unusual for me mainly because nobody dies horribly. Really you could read it to your Grandma, or somebody else’s Grandma, it's entirely up to you. Now online

Issue #4 of the excellent Downer Magazine (I really dig this 'zine) will feature the battle for hearts and minds in small town USA recited in my short story Nebraska. More surprises, this one has some social stones. Now online

Issue #6 of The Stone Hobo Magazine, (two Hobos are always better than one, unless they start fighting over bindles) has the crackle of Dry Lightning, a story of new beginnings at the end of a long, hot Arizona summer. I had to draw deep on experience here, living in the UK again means that summer is now just a distant memory.

Adding a little something extra to this cocktail of delights is the rumour that the old Mystery Dawg is cranking things up again over at Powder Burn Flash. I've got one of my Vegas stories Candy's Room in the starting line up for the next game to be played there, so fingers crossed for a home win.

Okay, I know, that's seven not six, but who ever heard of a seven shooter? I'll be sure to tip you the nod when they go live, and if you can find it in your heart to humor this delinquent pen monkey (who now owns three toasters, but still has no matching socks) and check one or two of them out. I'd sure appreciate it. May your beers always be cold ones and the gods of gratitude copulate in your greenhouses, or something some old Greek guy said.

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