Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Noir at the Bar - Bouchercon Style

Bouchercon, THE crime fiction convention is only a month away. This year's event takes place in Cleveland OH and I'm oh so gutted that I will be stuck here, on the wrong side of the pond for it's duration.

Just to add insult to injury, the good people at Snubnose Press have announced readings by some of the top crime authors working today to coincide with the convention. Josh Stallings, Ryan Sales, John Kenyon, Eric Beetner, Jedidiah Ayres and Dan O'Shea are the guys taking part. If that line up doesn’t do it for you, then check for a pulse because you may well be dead. 
The event is free to attend (you don't even need to be registered for Bouchercon) and will be held at the Wonderbar on 2044 E. 4th Street on Friday 5th October. If you make it along there, I hope you enjoy it. But please don't ever tell me what I missed.

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