Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 and all that.

I made a conscious decision not to write any 'best of' or 'year in review' type posts this time around. I already spend way too much time looking back. I guess I’ve reached that sort of age, and seeing as I don’t have the money for a full-blown mid life crisis (who wants to do the Mother Road on a moped?) I have decided to concentrate on the future, not the past. So get lost 2013, you're outta here.

I don’t do New Year resolutions either; mainly because I can never keep the damn things. I have a very short attention span and I’m easily distracted and oh, look something shiny… Sorry, where was I? Right, yeah, no resolutions. But I guess I should put some kind of stake in the ground for 2014. I already know that my day job will mean more nights and weekends away this year. I'm not going to bitch about it. I have to pay the bills, so it is what it is, until it's something else.
I will be taking a much more realistic view of what I can achieve this year. For one, I won’t be doing anywhere near the number of online gigs and anthologies I did in 2013. But I am committed to continue writing with Zelmer Pulp. We are shooting for three of our regular issues this year including our first noir offering. Alongside this we will shortly be announcing a very special project involving some incredible crime writers. This thing has kept me up nights since its inception last summer. I still can’t say anything about it until the official announcement is made, but with any luck it will rock your world. It has certainly rocked mine.
Beyond that, any writing time I get will be devoted to my novel. This is not the first novel I have written, but it will be the first to get shopped around. It’s currently going under the name of “That Fucking Book”, but I’ll be working on the title too. The story has more soul than some of my other stuff and if I do it right, it might even break your heart a little.
I also have a couple of things already in the can. My crime novella, “Nevada Thunder” coming out from Snubnose Press, hopefully sometime soon and my western novella, “Gospel of The Bullet” will be out through ZP just as soon as we get the time.
Whatever your aims and ambitions are for the coming year, I really hope you nail them. Stay hard, stay hungry and stay alive. I’ll see you somewhere down the road.  

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