Friday, January 10, 2014

Holy Poet

Working with Zelmer Pulp has given me many things, most of which have required some form of medical treatment. But one thing that will endure, long after the swelling has gone down is the friendship of my co-conspirators. I count myself very fortunate to be working with such a talented bunch of guys.
And when it comes to talent nobody I know has more of it than Isaac Kirkman. The depth and texture of his work is truly incredible. I always look forward to reading a new piece from Isaac. It’s about as close as I get to a religious experience.  Isaac hasn’t had an easy ride and the fact that he has made it this far is a great testament to his courage and determination.

Another talented dude, Ezra Letra has turned his camera on Isaac and produced a candid documentary, giving the world a wonderful insight into the life and writing of Tucson’s own Holy Poet. I guarantee that whatever else your day brings, this this will be the best twenty minutes of it.


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