Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shotgun Honey Presents

Those kings of hard boiled cool, Shotgun Honey have just released their very first anthology. I could go on about how it's packed full of great stories from some of the best names in the business, but I'll let Mr Phillips do that...


Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels features 29 tales of crime from 29 talented voices. Some who we’ve published and some who we had incriminating evidence on. Every story well worth the price of admission. We’ve got a little bit of everything with stories about abusive spouses, down on their luck gamblers, ill-fated drug deals and even some cyborg lesbian vampires thrown in for good measure.

We are excited to produce this first book, and hope there will be future volumes. That will depend on your support, so if you enjoy what we’re doing with the site and would like to support us and support our authors, jump out there and blog, tweet, tumble, facebook about the book. Whatever you want to do, we appreciate it. Thank you to all of our regular readers, our editors and the contributors. Together we made Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels possible, so go buy a book already.

...So there you have it, 'Both Barrels' is available now for Kindle and in trade paperback; Kobo and Nook versions will follow shortly (though god knows why, does anybody actually use nook?).
I strongly recommend you do yourself a big ass favour and snag a copy pronto. It looks like a real double-aught blast.
Amazon UK or Amazon.com

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