Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This Gun's Not For Hire

I'm over at Out of the Gutter today reviewing City of Heretics, the latest offering from Heath Lowrance.
But opinions are like assholes, everybody has one right? Right. So why not drop by share yours (opinion that it is; if you want to share your asshole you've got the wrong site buddy, but the internet is a big scary place, keep looking.)

We're planning on making this a regular gig, so if your an author working his or her mojo in the Crime / Noir / Hard-Boiled arena and you'd like your book reviewed, then you can hit me up here or through the OOTG website.
I'm particularly interested in hearing from you Indie types who are putting it out there solo and those of you working through the small specialized presses. If you've got a five book deal at Random House, hey congratulations, but you can write your own damn reviews.

Just so as you know, I'll only ever review books I have actually read and I'm not on anybody's pimping payroll. I'm doing it purely for the love baby.

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