Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Roadkill and other animals

With the Olympics in full swing and sucking writing time from my universe like a frekkin black hole, I thought I'd better drop by and let you know that Elvis ain't dead and neither is my particular possum, he's just resting.*
(Unlike this dude who, let's face it, is pretty damn wasted).

First up, I'm really surprised at the response 'Easy Money' got. I didn't expect anyone to actually read the thing, let alone like it, but I got some great feedback from folks both here and on Twitter (thanks guys!) I'll look at posting some more stuff in the future.

In other news I'm pretty stoked to tell you I have a flash fiction piece coming up at Spinetingler later this month. It was reading the flash stories hosted by Spinetingler and those at Shotgun Honey and The Flash Fiction Offensive that convinced me to try some quick and deadly scribbling of my own. Now by using a patented mix of violence, cohesion and blackmail, I have been fortunate enough to get my ass accepted at all three.

You can still read my sweat stained efforts at those other two kings of cool.

Hey, while your over at Shotgun Honey you really should make a point of checking out 'Red Spanish Night' by my buddy Gareth Spark.

The pen jockeying continues and normal service will be resumed shortly, but now if you'll excuse me it's time for the semi- final of the Mixed Doubles Tantric Table Tennis. C'mon Kirkplaistan that gold is there for the taking!

*Insert rest of Monty Python sketch here.

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