Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review - Hill Country

I've got lots of reviews to post on stuff I think you'll really dig, but you're gonna have to be patient as I've also got beers to drink, fights to start and a tortoise that's needs vacuuming.

Okay, okay don't get your panties in a bunch here you go.

When I got the Kindle thingy, R. Thomas Brown's 'Hill Country' was the first read I paid cash money for and it proved to be a hell of a bang for a measly couple of bucks.

Finding the mutilated body of a pedophile on his front porch, is just the start of Gabe Hill's bad news. What follows is a mess of trouble left in the wake of his estranged, dope dealing brother. Gabe plays both the hunter and the hunted in this South Texas safari and with the dubious help of a smokin' hot Wanda, he embarks on a dangerous trip through an underbelly populated with double crossing low-lifes, psycho cultists and assorted badass dudes.

Just so as you know, this book is not for those of you with a delicate disposition. (If you're one of them nervous types, you really shouldn't be here anyway. BOO! See don't say I didn't warn you.) 'Hill Country' is a fast paced and very well written tale that has a dusting of dark humor and more grit than, well... something exceptionally gritty.
You'll find it hitching along the highway in between horror and noir. You really should pull over and give it a ride. 

You can get your very own copy to love and cherish: Right Here

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