Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Legend is Born

Back in the hedonistic days of 2012 Ryan Sayles and Brian Panowich were writers who plied their trade in the gritty world of noir. All that changed one bourbon soaked evening when they struck upon the idea of writing some shit about zombies instead. They enlisted the mighty talents of Chuck Regan and Zelmer Pulp was born.

Zelmer Pulp's first release, C’mon And Do The Apocalypse, Volume 1 hit the street around the same time as the Mayans lost count and has to date earned several (mostly) rave reviews and some discount coupons for dry cleaning.

Not satisfied with this seemingly unmatchable success the trio pushed on and sort out the suave and sophisticated Isaac Kirkman for his incredible writing ability and to help them get girls. When I mentioned that I still had the photos of Ryan and the chinchilla I too was invited aboard.

Now we few, we happy few, we band of brothers are working our fingers to the bone in basements, trailer parks and dry out centers across the globe to bring you the very last word in Sci-fi , Hey! That Robot Ate My Baby, Volume 1.
At Zelmer Pulp we set out to provide you with the very best in retro-futuristic, pulp hero, dark crime, monster noir, and neoclassical post-apocalyptic multi-generation uber-exploitive psychodrama. We also do seasonal recipe books.

So tell your friends there’s a new sheriff in town and make sure you like us on Facebook because we're all really needy and just wanna be adored.
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  1. This is gonna be good year; what a great crew they put together. Cheers my friend!!!

  2. Hells yeah, Chris. It's gonna be a great year.


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