Thursday, January 24, 2013

Name That Tune

Well hot-damn it raining anthologies. Following hard on the heels of the ADR from Full Dark City Press, will be a sexy little number from Daz & Craig at Near To The Knuckle.
If you’re familiar with the quality of writers they host on their site, then you won’t be surprised to hear they have some top talent lined up for the anthology.
The doors on this baby have just slammed shut and those that have made it inside are: Gareth Spark, Michael Monson, Aidan Thorn, Chris Leek, B.R. Stateham, Jim Spry, Walter Conley, David Barber, Tom Pitts, Allen Miles, Richard Godwin, Alan Griffiths, Brian Panowich, Ryan Sayles, Paul D. Brazill, Graham Smith, Veronica Marie Lewis Shaw, Vic Errington, Pete Sortwell.
Sound Good? Good. There’s also a chance for you to snag a copy for free, I’ll Let Daz tell you how.
We'd like to appeal for help in naming the anthology. We'll be heading it wit Near To The Knuckle Presents.... and then our chosen title. The person who suggests the winning title will receive a complimentary copy of the anthology. So, email me with the word TITLE as the subject. The email address is We’ve tried our very best to remain true to the spirit of the site and I know that our regular readers will enjoy the anthology as much as they enjoy the site. Darren Sant - Editor
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