Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All Due Respect - The Anthology

On February 1st Full Dark City Press will be publishing the first anthology from the gritty crime e-zine All Due Respect.

Some of the short stories that make up this book have been taken from the site while many others are being made available here for the very first time.  The line up includes some of the hottest names currently plying their trade in on the dark and dangerous streets of crime fiction.

The anthology will be available in both e-book and print editions; may I humbly suggest you snag yourself a copy as soon as possible.

Here’s the full roll call:
Joe 'Google me' Clifford, Tom Hoisington, Mike Toomey, Erin Cole, Stephen D. Rogers, Scotch Rutherford, Patricia Abbott, Nigel Bird, Andrez Bergen, Benedict J. Jones, Garnett Elliott, Alec Cizak, Christopher Grant, Gary Clifton, Jack Bates, Ryan'The Walnuts' Sayles, Tom 'Pedal to the Metal' Pitts, Pete Risley, CJ Edwards, Jim Wilsky, Chris Leek, Richard Godwin, Mark Joseph Kiewlak, Mike 'The Man' Monson, Tyler M. Mathis, Matthew C. Funk, Fiona Johnson, Ron T. Brown and David Cranmer.

Okay, so you noticed that I'm in it too, well don't let it put you off.

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