Friday, April 12, 2013

Calling All Intergalactic Word Slingers

Are you an android who dreams of electric sheep? Can you bulls-eye a womp rat from your T-16? Then you might be just the person we are looking for. Zelmer Pulp needs a couple of space cadets to test drive our latest release HEY, THAT ROBOT ATE MY BABY!” Hit me up here if you are a book reviewer with a penchant for all things Sci-Fi.

The madmen that brought you 2012's legendary zombie epic, C'MON AND DO THE APOCALYPSE, are back in your face for the second wave, and this time they brought friends.

Joining Sayles and Panowich on their latest voyage into the world of Science Fiction are three of the hottest writers of genre fiction in the biz, Chris Leek, Isaac Kirkman, and ZELMER PULP cover artist Chuck Regan. 5 distinct voices, and 5 mind-bending tales to astonish and offend.

This ain't your Daddy's Science Fiction. This is Zelmer Pulp: Hey, That Robot Ate My Baby!

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