Monday, April 1, 2013

ZELMER PULP – Hey, That Robot Ate My Baby!

I’ll admit it, I’m excited. The past three months have been a roller coaster ride of tears, laughter, uncontrollable flatulence and Aquaman jokes. The end result is the new release from Zelmer Pulp “Hey, That Robot Ate My Baby!”

Like Han Solo said, “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” And if it’s a stone cold blast of Pulp Sci-Fi that you’re after then check this out.
The madmen that brought you 2012's legendary zombie epic, C'MON AND DO THE APOCALYPSE VOL 1, are back in your face for the second wave, and this time they brought friends.

Joining Sayles and Panowich on their latest voyage into the world of Science Fiction are three of the hottest writers of genre fiction in the biz, Chris Leek, Isaac Kirkman, and ZELMER PULP cover artist Chuck Regan.

HEY,THAT ROBOT ATE MY BABY VOL. 1 features 5 distinct voices, and 5 mind-bending tales to astonish and offend.
Notice that part about offending? Well, that’s largely down to me, I left the astonishing to the other guys. We are all damn proud of the interstellar magnificence that lurks behind an amazing cover crafted by Zelmer’s own Chuck Regan. We also have a kick-ass introduction written by friend, mentor and President of the Universe, Joe Clifford.

The Kindle version is hot to trot right now and old school print style will be here in around a week. Please buy it and make a happy man very old. 10c from every book purchased will be donated to the Kansas City shelter for sexually abused emus*

*This is a lie


  1. Every thing I see here screams quality, Chris.

    1. Thanks David. We try very hard to put out a quality product. Having a seriously talanted artist like Chuck Regan on the team cerntainly helps!


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