Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seeds, Pigeons, Redheads and Egos

I have been fortunate enough to snag a mention from Spinetingler nominee, Brian Panowich, who is over at Chris Rhatigan’s Death By Killing site today. Brian says some very nice things about three of my recently published stories: Seeds, which appears at western zine, The Big Adios. Pigeon, published by Grit Magazine and my Gutter debut, A Redheaded woman.

This is the third time that my name has somehow found its way on to one of these “five you can’t miss” lists and I am very grateful to both Paul D. Brazill and Mike Monson who also put one of my stories in their top five. I suppose this must mean I’m doing something right. Thank you guys.
You can read all of these stories for free by clicking on the links to the right and you check out what Brian has to say about them here:  Death By Killing

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