Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: Joe Clifford's Junkie Love

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I don’t ordinarily do this, re-blogging part of my book review from Out of the Gutter. But Junkie Love is no ordinary book.

Junkie Love is Joe Clifford’s second novel and as he says in his introduction, one way or another it has taken him most of his life to complete. It is indeed a love story, although not necessarily in the conventional sense, a junkie romance is never that straight forward.
This is ten years of Joe’s life laid bare, at times both brutal and horrific, but always compelling. He is not ashamed of his past and nor should he be. Everybody fucks it up to a greater or lesser degree, but not everybody has the strength of will required to pull back from the brink or the stones to write so honestly about it. Junkie Love is a hard book to read and an even harder one to put down. We already knew that Joe could write; that fact was never up for debate. Here he does something that goes way beyond just putting words on the page. He tells it exactly like it is and more importantly what it was like to live it.
Junkie Love is a hell of a book and Joe is a hell of a writer. You can read my full review HERE and you can buy the book at Amazon or B&N.

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