Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get ready for Thrills, Kills, ‘n Chaos

Thrillers, Killers & Chillers is sadly no more. Matt Hilton announced on the site yesterday that they are closing their doors for good. TK&C was a great place to visit for a hit of high quality crime or horror fiction. I was fortunate enough to have my story “Jacks, Queens and Evens” published there last year and from a writers point of view TK&C was a site with rock solid reputation and a great place to showcase your work.   

But fear naught, David Barber - the former editor at The Flash Fiction Offensive and more recently an editor at TK&C - has grasped the bull by the horns and will shortly be opening his new site, Thrills, Kills, ‘n Chaos up for submissions.  David will be looking for the same sort of hard hitting fiction, but this time it needs to be leaner and meaner.
So check out the new site and if you’re a writer get writing. Readers hold fast for now, but prepare for a real blast.  

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