Friday, July 6, 2012

Review - Hellbender

I'll start right off by saying, along with Donald Ray Pollock's Devil All The time, Hellbender is the best damn book I have read this year.

Set deep in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, where blood feuds simmer on back country stoves and old hill magic is more deadly than the bite of a Copperhead. Hellbender is a glorious mix of modern day murder and ancient magic. Spells and hexes are just another weapon to be wielded in the long running war between the Collins and Lewis families.

Tight plotting and well drawn characters carry you along effortlessly through the twists and turns of a rollicking good tale; through impenetrable laurel hells and over bare mountain tops to the book's breathless and bloody conclusion.

Jason Jack Miller has a real feel for the country and people of which he writes. He paints his Appalachia with such captivating detail, that you can almost smell woodsmoke from the cooking fires and taste the burn of old Pap's stump whiskey.

If fact why are you wasting your time reading this review when you could be enjoying all this for yourself. Hurry now, go and buy it, there's not a moment to loose.

Henry Collins might not believe in magic, but I do, Jason Jack Miller writes it!

If you want more, you'll find it here: Jason Jack Miller

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