Friday, July 20, 2012

Something for the Weekend Sir?

I guess I'm old school when it comes to reading, you can probably tell that by the fact I didn't use the word skool. What can I tell you, I love books, always have. I've been packing shelves with them since I was a kid and it's strangely comforting just to have them around me. *Resists the urge to go all 'my precioussss' over a copy of Donald Ray's Knockemstiff*. But the world moves on and sometimes you just have to shrug your shoulders and move on with it.

So okay, now I've got myself a Kindle, but hey, I'm not about to become one of 'those' guys. Neither will I start singing songs around the camp fire, getting all melancholy about when books were made out of paper and gas was only 10c and you didn't have to lock your door at night and... damn it, now I'm depressed. Anyway, e-books are not necessarily the future, but they are defiantly part of it.

The real reason I stumped up and bit the Kindle bullet, is the thing gives me access to some fantastic writers whose work just doesn’t (as yet) show up on the print bookshelves, at least not on this side of the pond.

So if you don't spend enough of your life staring at a screen already and are looking for some e-reading this summer; maybe for your vacation, or because you live in the UK and the rain has turned all your paperbacks to unintelligible mush, here are a few kick ass stories that I really enjoyed.

Beautiful, Naked & Dead – Josh Stallings
This hard boiled road trip from East L.A. to the illegal brothels of Nevada is one hell of a ride. (Review coming soon)

Hellbender – Jason Jack Miller
A story of love and revenge, stained with blood and dark magic in the hills of Appalachia. (See my review below)

Hill Country – R.Thomas Brown
A great mix of horror, noir and even a little humor, set in the Texas back country. (Review coming soon)

That Damned Coyote Hill & The Long Black Train – Heath Lowrance
Two fine tales of western Weirdness. (See my review below)

For little more than loose change you can download them all at that big, evil, but damn convenient Amazon website.

Do I really need to do the linky thing? Nah, I didn't think so.

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