Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review – The Long Black Train

In case you missed it, that hard eyed righter of wrongs, Hawthorne is back for another ride through the way out weirdness of Heath Lowrance's wild west.

This time the gritty gunslinger is on the trail murderer, Bill Cobb, but he finds something far worse waiting for him on board the down bound ride to Santa Fe.

If you have read Hawthorne's first outing 'That Damned Coyote Hill' then 'The Long Black Train' is more of the same; a brilliant mix of noir western and gut wrenching horror. This tale sits somewhere between short story and novelette and is perfect to read while you sit gazing out at the torrential down pouring of a UK summer. (It's raining so hard here the animals are starting to pair up).

This non-stop express will take you all the way, so climb aboard and enjoy the ride, but don't sit next to the fat man!

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